Dear Shalom,
My apologies for the delay in this email. You have often been in my thoughts. read more

Martha Khoury

It was amazing! And we can’t say enough about our reception into the country and at the airport returning home. read more

Debbie Wickwire

Shalom, we are back in the States. Had a great trip! Excellent guides. read more

Doug Wickwire

Frieda and I would like to thank you for the efforts you both made to ensure our tour would happen.
Even though we were a small group we felt you treated us with every bit the same care and attention as a larger group. read more

George Krahn

I just want to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job of organizing our tour in Israel. Everything was fabulous. read more

Jane MacDiarmid

I want to thank you for planning the most amazing tour imaginable. My sister and I went on July 19th right in the midst of the war going on in Gaza. read more

Joann Crittall

My sincere apologies for not writing to you before now about our trip to Israel. It has been crazy at our house getting two children off to school out of town and one back in High school here. Not to mention the fact that the first week back I was catching up at our company and home. read more

TeeGee Howard

I want to thank you again for arranging a truly wonderful trip for me and my children. Your people were there at every turn to make sure that things went according to plan. read more

Clifford Davidson

I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the guidance you provided in booking the Holy Land tour with you. Nancy and I along with Rick and Sally enjoyed ourselves and will remember this trip the rest of our lives. read more

Tom List

I meant to email you immediately after we returned from our amazing trip to Israel to say thank you. Then I was busy with Shavuos and sending kids to camp, and time slipped away. read more

Randy Faigin David