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With millions of travelers visiting each year to Israel, accomodating all those tourists can be quite competitive. The major tourist destinations, such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, all offer a variety of hotel categories to choose from based on the visitors preferences. Being a major tour destination and a popular place for vacationers, Israel has a hotel for each type. The two most visited cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, each have plenty of choices from boutique luxury accommodations, resort style hotels, and budget friendly lodging. In this article we will mention our top hotels in Jerusalem and categorize them based on type and budget. 

best hotels in Jerusalem
Orient Hotel Lounge in Jerusalem

Top five best hotels in Jerusalem, Israel


The King David Hotel

The King David Hotel in Jerusalem is as classic as it gets for Israel. A member of the Leading Hotels of the World, this majestic hotel is usually the chosen venue for hosting the world’s heads of state, dignitaries, artists, musicians, and other famous personalities. Overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem, The King David hotel is a 5-star luxury resort, built in 1931 and most famous for its beautifully designed architecture, resembling that of an ancient palace.

When visiting Israel for vacation and if Jerusalem is your destination of choice, you can’t go wrong with choosing the King David, that is if the budget is no concern. When visiting Israel on an organized tour, The King David Hotel will most often be located in our Plan A – 5 Star Deluxe packages. Again, if budget is of no concern, and part of your criteria on a tour is to stay in a luxury hotel, the King David is an obvious choice.

Recommended for: groups, personal vacation, private tours – $$$$$


The Orient Hotel

The Orient Hotel is becoming the most requested hotel in Jerusalem. This new, luxurious hotel is part of the Isrotel Group’s exclusive collection and offers stunning views of Jerusalem, a rooftop pool, two restaurants, a spa and relaxing garden courtyard for your pleasure. A 15-minute walk to the Tower of David in the Old City, this hotel is the perfect choice for individuals and groups alike visiting Israel on vacation or as part of a guided tour. 

Recommended for: groups, personal vacation, private tours – $$$$$


The Arthur Hotel 

As Part of the Atlas Group of Hotels, the Arthur Hotel, an ideally located property where guests can discover the enriching and historical beauty of ancient Jerusalem. Named after Lord Balfour, the hotel’s colonial theme reflects the spectrum of cultural influence and diversity of the city throughout the ages. Chic rooms, delicous breakfast and vibrant colors make this hotel the perfect choice for visitors coming to Israel on a personal vacation or business trip.

Recommended for: personal vacation, private tours – $$$


The David Citadel Hotel

Location, location, location. The David Citadel is literally a four minute walk to the Western Wall and other famous Old City sites. It is uniquely placed in between new and old Jerusalem with over 300 rooms and suites, amazing amenities and luxury shopping, this hotel is definitely worth the money. Ideal for all types of visitors to Israel, yet can run a hefty price tag. Included in most Jewish Heritage Tours, and Interfaith Tours, but also ideal for honeymooners and families visiting Israel on a Bar Mitzvah Tour or luxury trip

Recommended for: groups, personal vacation, private tours – $$$$$


The Harmony Hotel

Another Atlas Group Hotel, you are sure to enjoy your stay there, Elegance and a tranquil atmosphere, the Harmony Hotel is the perfect place for visitors who are more budget concious but still looking for that boutique warmth of a hotel. Bottom line, we love the Atlas Group of Hotels and belive that choosing any of their accommodations will leave you satisfied.

Recommended for: personal vacation, private tours – $$$

Tour of Israel for Interfaith Couples

FRIDAY DAY 1 – Arrival in Israel / Transfer to Tel Aviv

Welcome to beautiful Israel! We will arrive at Ben Gurion airport and be met and assisted by a Shalom Journeys representative before proceeding to passport control. Following passport control, we will be transferred to our hotel in coastal Tel Aviv.  Depending on our arrival time, we will enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure. A day to rest up before we embark on the Classic Israel Tour of 13 Days.


SATURDAY DAY 2 – Tel Aviv at Leisure

Following our first Israeli breakfast, we will enjoy a day at leisure in Tel Aviv. Take time to enjoy the vibrant streets and beaches of Tel Aviv.


SUNDAY DAY 3 – Caesarea / Megiddo / Druze village / Haifa

BREAKFAST. Following our delicious breakfast, we will journey along the coastal highway to the ancient Roman capital, Caesarea. We will visit the excavations of the Crusader city and the Roman port, its aqueduct and the amphitheater that has been recently restored. Our tour proceeds to Megiddo, which has been identified as the site of the battle of Armageddon.

The next stop on our tour is Daliat-el-Carmel, a Druze village. Here we will enjoy a late lunch at a local restaurant. To conclude the day, we will proceed via Mount Carmel to Haifa for a panoramic view of the Haifa Bay and the golden-domed Bahai gardens.


MONDAY DAY 4 – Safed / Golan Heights / Winery

BREAKFAST. After our Israeli breakfast, we will take a scenic drive to the mystical city of Safed. Safed is the center of Jewish mysticism. Here we will visit the ancient synagogues and walk through the artist colony. Our journey continues North to the Golan Heights to see the former Syrian bunkers, located in the city of Kuneitra. Time for some fun! Our next stop is at the Golan Winery for a tour and some wine tasting. To conclude the day, we proceed to “Golan Magic” for a multimedia presentation of the area and its history.


TUESDAY DAY 5 – Sea of Galilee / Nazareth / Jerusalem

BREAKFAST. Today we begin with a visit to the city of Nazareth. Here we will visit the Church of Annunciation. Our tour continues towards Tiberias; Our first stop is at Capernaum, home to Jesus, to see the ruins of the synagogue and octagonal Church of St. Peter. We will take a short drive and visit the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered the sermon on the mount. To conclude our tour for the day, we proceed via Beit Shean to Beit Alpha to see the remains of the mosaic floor of an ancient synagogue. We will be driven to Jerusalem for our check-in and overnight sleep.


WEDNESDAY DAY 6 – Jerusalem (Old City) / Bethlehem

BREAKFAST. Following breakfast, we will start the day with a magnificent panoramic view from the Mount of Olives. Our tour will proceed to the Old City of Jerusalem. Here we will visit the Tomb of King David and the Room of Last Supper on Mt. Zion. From there we continue forward to enter the walled city and walk through the newly restored Jewish quarter. Some of the sites include the Roman Cardo, the Herodian quarter and most notably the Western Wall. Moreover, we will walk along the Via Delarosa to the Church of Holy Sepulchre. Our tour concludes with a visit to Bethlehem, the location of Rachel’s tomb, the Church of Nativity and Manger’s Square.


THURSDAY DAY 7 – Jerusalem (New City)

BREAKFAST. Our tour begins with a drive to the Israel Museum. Here we will visit the Shrine of the Book, where the Dead Sea scrolls are housed. We will proceed for a tour of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. Continue to visit Mount Hertzel cemetery and Yad Vashem, the memorial to the Holocaust. In addition, we will drive through Mea Shearim, the ultra-orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem. A chance to learn about their unique lifestyle. Moreover, in the evening enjoy dinner followed by the spectacular “Sound & Light” show at the Tower of David Museum.


FRIDAY DAY 8 – Qumeran / Massada / Dead Sea

BREAKFAST. Our journey continues through the Judean hills to the Qumran caves, where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. From here we continue along the shores of the Dead Sea to Massada, the last stronghold of the Jews after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D. We will ascend Massada by cable car and explore the mountain fortress built by King Herod. Some notable sites include the remains of the walls, water cistern and Herod’s Palace.

We will descend by cable car and continue to the Dead Sea. Which is considered the lowest point on earth; take the opportunity to float in the unsinkable water. To enjoy all it has to offer, cover yourself with the mineral-rich mud, believed to have therapeutic effects.


SATURDAY DAY 9 – Jerusalem at Leisure

BREAKFAST. Following Shabbat breakfast, enjoy a day at leisure in Jerusalem


SUNDAY DAY 10 – Timna / Underwater Observatory / Eilat

BREAKFAST. Travel south through the Negev desert. Next a stop at Timna, a large geological and archaeological park; We will get a chance to view the outstanding Solomon’s pillars. Continue to Eilat, the southernmost resort city on the shores of the Red Sea. Moreover, explore the Underwater Observatory marine park that was built into a coral reef. Check-in to our hotel in Eilat


MONDAY DAY 11 – Leisure or Petra Extension

Breakfast. Today we will enjoy the Red Sea and have a day at leisure.

Optional tour – Petra Extension: Following breakfast, we will drive to the border with Jordan. Our representatives will assist us with the entry visa at the Jordanian border. The journey begins with a drive straight to Petra, the astonishing rose-red city built by the Nabateans (An ancient Arab tribe). Petra was renowned for its massive architecture, pools, dams and water channels. Moreover, the city itself is almost 45 square km and is considered to be the second wonder of the world. After lunch we will drive back to the Jordanian-Israeli border. If time is permitting we will stop in the Red Sea city of Aqaba fro a chance to walk around. To conclude our day of touring, we will be transferred to the border at around dinner time and back into Eilat, Israel.


TUESDAY DAY 12 – Mitzpe Ramon / Sde Boker / Hatzerim

BREAKFAST. Following breakfast, our tour will depart Eilat and proceed towards Mitzpe Ramon (The Ramon Crater) for a beautiful panoramic view. Take a moment to gaze into this geological wonder. We will proceed to Sde Boker and see Ben Gurion’s hut and his grave overlooking the magnificent Zin valley. Our tour will stop for a camel ride and a visit to an authentic Bedouin tent. We will learn about Bedouin hospitality and enjoy a light lunch. To conclude the days touring, we will proceed to Hatzerim and visit Israel’s Airforce Museum. Our tour will arrive in Tel Aviv for our last night in Israel.


WEDNESDAY DAY 13 – End The Classic Israel Tour

EARLY BREAKFAST. Enjoy our last Israeli breakfast. Following breakfast, we will be transferred to Ben Gurion Airport for our departure back home. Return home with lifelong memories of The Classic Israel Tour and the Holy Land!

Tours of the Holy Land (USA TODAY)

Marianne Moro, Leaf Group Updated March 15, 2018

Jewish Heritage Tours

The Holy Land, specifically the city of Jerusalem and its sacred sites such as the Tomb of King David in Mount Zion and the Western Wall (also known as the “Wailing Wall”), are visited by Jewish pilgrims from all over the world. Shalom Journeys (, based in Miami, Florida, offers four different Jewish Heritage tours, along with customized private car and group tours. The 15-day Jewish Heritage tour includes an optional trip to the historic Jordian city of Petra.


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