About Shalom Journeys

Shalom Journeys has differentiated itself as the premier Israel tour operator in North America and is a well-established provider of services for individuals and group travel around the world. Shalom, our founder has extensive experience in the Israel Tour and Hospitality industry, dating back 50 years, and in 2008 launched what is today, Shalom Journey’s. Shalom Journeys specializes in the field of Jewish and Christian tours to Israel, offering individuals and groups with a variety of Israel travel packages. Services and products provided by Shalom Journeys include educational programming and consultation, guaranteed departure tours, custom groups, privately guided packages, reservations for lodging and much more. Our staff include travel industry professionals with in-depth knowledge of both spiritual and non-spiritual organized tours to Israel and the Mediterranean.

The value proposition of Shalom Journeys services comes from Shalom Journeys experience with and love of Israel travel market. Shalom Journeys employees are confident in their ability to meet the needs of their customers because they share the customers’ enthusiasm for the tours Shalom Journeys offers. Shalom Journeys confidence and ability translates into confidence for the consumer and a starting point towards developing long-term relationships and trust.

Shalom Journeys competitive edge is its focus, passion, and experience. Shalom Journeys seeks to promote and provide access to Israel Travel. Shalom Journeys provides a differentiated offering with the management experience, capital, and commitment to make it work.

For more info call us at: 866 592 1818

Organizing a group with Jewish Tours to Israel has never been easier. For direct e-mail request, please mail to shalom@shalomjourneys.com